For the American Southwest, you can forget all the hysteria about coyotes to which we are constantly exposed. As coyotes are an active part of the suburban ecosystem where I track down cats, I have been compelled to study coyotes from this unique perspective. Our coyote subspecies is miniature weighing around 18 pounds.

To comprehend coyotes in the American Southwest, in Southern California, in particular, it's crucial to think in terms of there being two vastly different categories of coyotes. The first category is the regular natural habitat coyotes who are all professional killers. The second category is the suburban coyote who is adapted to be a scavenger. Both categories of coyotes protect cats, within the suburban ecosystem, in their own way.

A domestic cat isn't adapted to be able to stand against natural habitat coyotes and therefore those coyotes can be depended upon to protect ground nesting birds, in their natural habitat, when present. For a lot reasons, scientists and bird-lovers will place the lives of those ground-nesting birds above the lives of cats. Coyotes prevent cats from getting to the birds and that saves lethal human contact for the cats. But, this means that cats cannot be outside in or around such coyote natural habitats.

In suburbia, we have a relatively new type of coyote who does not form packs. They sometimes form pairs, though (these are probably mating pairs, when they do form pairs). These suburban coyotes rely on scavenging, and sometimes begging, for their survival. They are not at all the professional killers of the natural habitat category.

In suburbia, the local coyote[s] is the suburban coyote[s] that controls the surrounding ecosystem, or territory. If the local coyote is removed, other coyotes will immediately become aware and move in to the unprotected territory. The new coyotes can include unadapted expel-lees from natural habitats.

Your local coyote will not attack full-grown and able-bodied cats. And, your local coyote DOES NOT attack dogs.

If your ecosystem cat [a cat that go outdoors] is suffering from chronic renal failure, bring him or her inside---for good. The local coyote is actively trying to sniff out such cats and will prey on them, as they should be considered half-dead. The local coyote may be able to sense other diseases, too.

No ecosystem allows a half-dead animal to go on living. That's just the way it is. The following videos will give you the Info. you need to comprehend the coyote issue here in the American Southwest. Be sure to click to read the Coyote Rules of Engagement. Comprehend and follow those rules for all to be safe from injury and untimely deaths.